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Social Connections and Influence Lab
University of Mississippi

Recent Publications

Hales, A. H. (in press). One-tailed tests: Let’s do this (responsibly). Psychological Methods. https://doi.org10.1037/met0000610


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Wicks, S. G., Hales, A. H., & Hennes, E. P. (2023). Does disseminating (mis)information restore social connection during a global pandemic? Social and Personality Psychology Compass.


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Pfundmair, M., Wood, N. R., Hales, A. H., & Wesselmann, E. D. (2022). How social exclusion makes radicalism flourish. Journal of Social Issues.


Freedman, G., Hales, A. H., Powell, D. N., Le, B. & Williams, K. D. (2022). The role of gender and safety concerns in romantic rejection decisions. Journal of
Experimental Social Psychology, 102. Registered report.


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