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Social Connections and Influence Lab
University of Mississippi

Recent Publications

Pfundmair, M., Wood, N. R., Hales, A. H., & Wesselmann, E. D. (in press). How social exclusion makes radicalism flourish. Journal of Social Issues.


Freedman, G., Hales, A. H., Powell, D. N., Le, B. & Williams, K. D. (in press). The role of gender and safety concerns in romantic rejection decisions. Journal of
Experimental Social Psychology, 102. Registered report.


Fairbairn, C. E., Creswell, K. G., Hales, A. H., Williams, K. D., & Wilkins, K. V. (in press). Mixing misery and gin: The effect of alcohol-administration on ostracism response. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 48(8), 1269-1283.


Hales, A. H., Wood, N. R., & Williams, K. D. (2021). Navigating COVID-19: Insights from research on social ostracism. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 24(2), 306-310.


Adams, G. S., Converse, B. A., Hales, A. H., & Klotz, L. (2021) People systematically overlook subtractive changes. Nature, 592, 258-261.